Watch Live HERE ON SUndays at 10:45am

3 ways to get the most out of online church

1. Be Fully Present: 

  • You'll face a lot of digital distractions once the service kicks off. Choose to stay committed and engaged. (Don't worry! Those notifications will still be there when we are finished.)

2. Engage If You Are Able: 

  • Like, share, and comment. One of the great benefits of online services is we can have MORE interaction. So ask questions and smash those reaction buttons. Share the service on your social media feed, and invite your friends to watch with you.

3) Worship, Don't Just Watch: 

  • You can't feed your body by watching others eat, and you can't feed your soul by watching others worship. So, make this a spiritual time- sing, pray, and read the word along with us. Most importantly, listen for God's voice and respond in faith to what He says.