Can I ask you a question? How are you? Really.

That’s a little question with BIG implications. The challenge is that we all get busy, distracted, and wounded—so we become isolated from God and from those around us.

LifeSigns connects you with Christ in a “vertical conversation” and with people who love you in a “horizontal conversation,” so you can grow like never before. This is simply an invitation to honest conversation. LifeSigns includes sections on your relationships, career, finances, marriage or single life, parenting, and your life with Jesus. 

Your individual LifeSigns results are totally, 100% confidential. You don’t have to show them to anyone. So, you’re free to be totally honest with God about how you’re doing. Really. 

When you’ve finished, the LifeSigns software will generate a personalized 20+ page Growth Plan. Then, ideally, you’ll have a “horizontal conversation” with someone you trust about your priorities and goals for the future. 

Our prayer is that you'll experience an abundant Life of Christ. So, set aside 20-40 minutes, turn off your phone and close your e-mail, and enjoy a heart to heart conversation with Jesus. 


P.S. LifeSigns is best experienced on a laptop, desktop, or tablet—but your phone will work.


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