Adult Ministry

Discipleship happens best in the context of relationships, and our groups are designed to help foster those relationships that Christ uses for growth in our lives. Each group is designed to gather around common interests and/or stages of life. 



Young Adults

Leader: Brianna "Bri" Jones and Brennan Richie

Who: 18-28 "young adults"

Day: Sunday

Time: 9:30am

Where: Room S204 (Manchaca Baptist) 

About: This group focuses on learning how to live a life centered on Christ and his word as young adults.

Study: Mainly Bible Study with Application


Leader: Matthew Lewis -

Who: Adults 24-45 (with or without kids)

Day: Sunday

Time: 9:30am

Where: Room S207 (Manchaca Baptist) 

About: This group focuses on learning about Life in Christ, connecting in Life Together, and expressing Christ’s Life in everyday life.  

Study: Varies (Bible Studies, Book Studies, Video Studies, etc.) 

LIFFT (Living in faith & fellowship)

Leader: Billy Gandy -

Who: 40-50’s (mostly couples w/school aged kids) 

Day: Sunday

Time: 9:30am

Where: Room M226 (Manchaca Baptist) 

About: A group that is driven by member discussion on various biblical studies. They rotate between video studies, thematic studies, and studying books of the Bible. They gather together for various times of connection and fellowship together outside of Sunday morning group time. 

Study: Various biblical studies.

seekers CLASS

Leader: Mike Easley -

Who: 55-70’s

Day: Sunday

Time: 9:30am

Where: Room M112 (Manchaca Baptist) 

About: This is a diverse group of men and women, ages 30-80 with most falling in the 55-70 range. They focus on increasing their understanding of God’s Word and how it influences worldview and daily living. They enjoy a close fellowship with each other, sharing life both in and out of class times. 

Study: Various biblical studies.

shiloah group

Leader: Jonathan Sears -

Who: 60-80’s

Day: Sunday

Time: 9:30am

Where: Room M113 (Manchaca Baptist)

About: This group seeks to cover the timeless principles and doctrines found throughout each book of the Bible. They also serve the Joy Food Pantry by collecting money and/or food to donate.

Study: Explore the Bible

cates fellowship group

Leader: Bart Swope -

Who: 70-80’s

Day: Sunday

Time: 9:30am

Where: Room M110 (Manchaca Baptist) 

About: This group opens each Sunday with a hymn they sing together. It is followed by a time of sharing prayer requests and then diving into various biblical studies. Each month this group has a fellowship time of eating out or playing games together. 

Study: Bible Studies for Life

disciples group

Leader: Dr. Randy Kirtley

Who: Adults of any age

Day: Sunday

Time: 9:30am

Where: Room M111 (Manchaca Baptist) 

About: Dr. Kirtley practices Family Medicine in Lockhart, TX and loves to teach and take group participants on a deep dive into Scripture. While the majority of this group is in their 50-70’s, it is open to adults of any age.  

Study: Explore the Bible


(Meet at various times/places throughout the week.)

Knowing God's word and passing it on

Leader: Laurel Lear -

Who: Adult Women of All Ages

Day: Every Wednesday (throughout the school year) 

Time: 6:45pm-7:45pm

Where: Room E115 (Manchaca Baptist) 

About: A gathering with believing Sisters in Christ who are willing to grow and dig deep into the Word of God with the goal of passing it on to others. 

Connecting in christ ladies group

Leader: Mary McGinnis -

Who: Adult Women of All Ages

Day: Every Wednesday (throughout the school year) 

Time: 6:30pm-7:45pm

Where: Room M114 (Manchaca Baptist) 

About: A time of connection - great conversations, worship, Bible study, and prayer.

men's Wednesday Evening bible study group

Leader: Brennan Richie -

Who: Adult Men of All Ages

Day: Wednesdays (throughout the school year) 

Time: 6:45pm-7:45pm

Where: Fellowship South

About: Group time is centered around in-depth verse by verse studies of books of the Bible and connecting in authentic relationships for support and encouragement.

Men's Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Leader: Mike Thompson

Who: Adult Men of All Ages

Day: Wednesdays

Time: 6:30 am- 7:30 am

Where: Macho Taco in Manchaca

About: Study on Understanding God and how that changes how we live.

Men's Sunday Evening Bible Study

Leader: Kevin Goldsmith -

Who: Adult Men of All Ages

Day: Sunday

Time: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Where: Fellowship South

About: Understanding the Bible, Understanding Theology, Understanding How to Live as a Christian

Manchaca Mom's Group

Leader: Claire Davis -

Who: Moms of young kids

Day: Varies  

Time: Varies

Where: Varies

About: This group connects over a Facebook Group (Manchaca Mom’s & More) to schedule various playdates and other times of connection. 

women's bible study group

Leader: Carlene Cleveland -

Who: Adult Women of All Ages

Day: Fridays (throughout the school year) 

Time: 9:30am-11:30am

Where: Room E115 (Manchaca Baptist) 

About: This is a group of women mostly in their 50-70’s but is open to women of all ages. They meet for prayer, a time of encouragement, and participate mostly in Beth Moore Bible Studies. On the first Friday of each month they stay longer and prepare items for Operation Christmas Child. 

women's widow group

Leader: Mary Lee -

Who: Adult Widowed Women

Day: Varies

Time: Varies

Where: Varies

About: This group meets at various times for lunch and other times of fellowship for support and encouragement. 


Leader: Bart Swope -

Who: Senior Adults

Day: 2nd Friday of each month

Time: 12:00pm

Where: Room E115 (Manchaca Baptist) 

About: This group meets for a potluck lunch on the 2nd Friday of each month and plays games (42, chicken foot, etc.) after eating together. 

senior adult outing group

Leader: J.P. Kirksey -

Who: Senior Adults

Day: Varies  

Time: Varies

Where: Varies

About: This group takes day trips to various places of interest throughout Austin and beyond. Trips are planned by a Team of Senior Members of MBC and are open to suggestions for future trips. To find out when/where the next trip is, visit:, or email J.P. 

Senior adult men's lunch

Leader: Jim Hussey -

Who: Senior Adult Men

Day: Thursdays

Time: 11:00am

Where: Golden Corral (7300 S IH 35 Frontage Rd, Austin, TX 78745) 

About: A time of connection and conversation over lunch together Thursday.   

women's Ministry

Leader: Mary McGinnis -

Who:  Women of All Ages

Day:  Varies

Time:  Varies

Where:  Varies

About:  Ladies have dinner (Dutch-treat) and spend sisterhood time every second Tuesday of each month from 6-8pm at DK Maria's on Manchaca Road. There are also monthly weekend events such as the Mother & Daughter Tea, Spring Retreat, Painting with the Pro, and so much more!

interested in starting a new group?

Would you like to connect with at least 2-3 others and start a workout group (CrossFit, jogging, biking, etc.), a MOPS group, a home group, a prayer group, a dinner group, a breakfast or coffee group, a particular study group, a hunting group, a fishing group, etc.? The possibilities are endless. We’d love to help you get connected in doing life together in some way. Email the Church Office at for more information. 


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